Do Not Fear

Tarajyoti Govinda

         Tarajyoti Govinda

There is no need for fear or panic. It will be a gradual and natural process. In some the fear and panic is being stimulated so that it can be transmuted and not affect the events that will take place. Humanity is not choosing well, however there are still choices to be made and some time left.

Live life, find joy and do not grieve for that which is to come. It is merely the establishment of equilibrium. It is a natural process of transmutation and alchemy and remember there is still time, choices to be made. Radiate peace, goodwill and joy. That is what will bring the Children of the Heart to the place of hope within. Go about things quietly, confidently. Maitreya (Eastern name of Christ, Bodhisattva, Future Buddha of the Earth) is with you. Be at peace. The Light is for the many and is carried in the consciousness of a few. It comes from the Earth and rises. A flaming torch that will stay ignited in the face of all that is to come. It is the Flame of Ascension, the movement from Atlantis to Egypt, the Truth. For now it is an inner condition and rumbles of reflection occur in the outer. The extent and timing of the rumbles are not yet defined but they will occur and are to some extent still dependent upon the choices made within all. *

The Children of the Heart must be called and they are given time to hear and respond to the call. They will have the time needed, the choice must be made.

See an army of beings like Michael’s Army. (Archangel Michael) They are winged and in flight. They are sent by the Lord Maitreya, part of His many legions. They come to Earth for a period to do concentrated work and the result of that work is not yet known. It will determine many things. There are many of them and they are one-pointed in their efforts to awaken humanity and the call of the Lord Maitreya for time is short. …

It is imperative that the quality of Hope be instilled in the Children of the Heart for hope will allow the right radiation to come through them and thus assist humanity.

Carry on. May the force be with you.

The Lord of Darkness works hard at stimulating the fear and the panic, not for the purposes of transmutation but for the spreading of the quality of hopelessness which will take people from the Path into self-pity, concern and despair. Take heed and do not succumb to the trap being set all over the Earth. To illuminate the minds and hearts of the Children of the Heart, Faith must be restored by placing them in the hands of the One, the Son of the Sun, the Lord Maitreya. It is the Mother who can do this. Pay attention to Her words for she speaks and is heard in the silence of the heart and the forces of Her Light work at this time against evil. There is more communion to come. Stay alert.

Tarajyoti Govinda (8 March 1993)

(c) G Govindamurti 1999