Faith and Hope

Tarajyoti Govinda, Copenhagen Denmark

Tarajyoti Govinda, Copenhagen Denmark

In today’s times when we see around us so much pain and suffering, and things in our own lives might not go as we would plan, it is sometimes difficult for us to keep faith and hope.

Especially, if we do not understand that the pain and the suffering may be necessary for our growth, to help us open our hearts and develop compassion for ourselves and those around us.

If we could open to trust in Love and its influence on us and the events in our lives we could spend a lot of less time worrying or angry that events do not go as we would plan. We would come to see that a Higher Plan is in operation. One that we do not need to understand, one that we can open to one step at a time, in trust and love.

To live in hope and faith of a better life, a better world where we do not count the cost of suffering is to open to Love. Perhaps we could try it.

Tarajyoti Govinda (April 1994)

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