Healing : what is it?

Healing :

What is it ? How can it help us ?

Through healing we can strengthen the link to the Light and overcome many of our limitations. We can begin to radiate love and hence heal ourselves and others. We all have the potential of healing within us. 

When we gain courage to work through our angers, fears and guilt’s, as well as our resentments, rebellions and projections, that are stored like knots in the aura, we can gain deep insight that can help us in both our daily lives and in our overall life patterns. Hereditary “dis-ease” ceases to exist when we make different choices to the patterns of our ancestors provided our soul is linked to our new choice. Through meditation and healing we can strengthen our link to soul and begin to get guidance on how to actualise our true potential and move out of our limiting patterns.

When we come into the vibration of a healer, or when we heal, our vibratory rate increases, breaking up the knots of stored experience and emotion that sit like a weight within the aura, causing us discomfort and pain. We are open then to “seeing” these knots for what they really are. With faith and trust in the healing process, by allowing ourselves to feel these knots, and by looking for the understanding beneath them, we can disperse them to a smoother vibration and pattern once and for all. Our Joy, an inner feeling of knowing, that is peaceful with wisdom and love, emerges. And so, life changes.

Through regression and past life therapy, through guided imagery and looking at the role of the psyche, through contacting higher guidance within, through attuning to Christ and the Holy Spirit and working with the Seven Rays change is not only possible, but immanent, as is the liberation of soul. These methods enable us to get in touch with whatever is holding us back, find out what it is, why we have it and let us know what lesson we must learn in order to let it go. With the help of the Light, we can open up the knots within us and find the reason for their presence in our lives, learn the lesson and move on. We can work directly with the particular issue or block that we may have. Release can occur on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, depending on where the individual need may be. It may occur on any or all of these levels through tears, physical release, a mental understanding or a knowing within, giving new insight and meaning to life as it is now.

As a race of people we are moving now from the solar plexus energy to that of the heart. We are having to let go of attachment to others, fear, guilt, resentment and rebellion, the need to be right and our tendency to blame others for all that is not manifesting in our lives as we think that it should. We are opening our humble respect for all that is unknowable in the universe. We are having to open our hearts and move into forgiveness and unconditional love. Love is the power that heals. When love is linked with pure motive of heart and aligned to Divine Will healing must and will occur. 

It must be understood that healing does not necessarily mean cure but it does mean always that people are able to deal with their dispositions much more constructively and given insight as to the learning their “dis-ease” has for them. It can even make Transition easier. All that exists in the person’s life that prevents spiritual flow is chipped away at until that flow occurs, provided the person themselves at some inner point wishes this healing to occur. It may not always be obvious in outward expression that this is so. But when we go beyond the veil of the personality this point can usually be found within us all.

New ways of healing are coming. Spiritual knowledge is descending and new techniques which combine the Divine Laws of Health, orthodox medicine, psychology and spiritual methods are leading to an entirely new approach. Personal responsibility is more and more emphasised.

If we are to move forward into the New Age we must first take decision to heal in order that the divine energies can help us. Having done this we can then let go of all that is not in alignment with this choice. In so doing we open the way for more Love, Compassion and Joy to enter our lives.

Tarajyoti Govinda, 25 November 1990