In Honour of the Avatars

Tarajyoti Govinda

Tarajyoti Govinda

(from a speech given in an Earth Healing service)

This service is devoted to the great Avatars that serve as intermediaries between humanity and God, that help us to become aware of God’s Plan and lift us from crisis and tension.

An Avatar is one who is sent by God in answer to our call, embodying great truths, future cycles of development and highly developed spiritual qualities of the highest possible initiations. An Avatar’s purpose is to be a vehicle for the Christ, transmitting Divine energy to humanity. Their teachings bring great benefit to humanity.

When we think of great Avatars such as Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha we become aware of the enormity of their task and the mammoth impact their Light and teachings have brought to Earth. Shri Krishna, also, brought the contribution of the Bhagavad Gita

Christ came as an Avatar of Love through Jesus, emphasizing Light, aspiration and God transcendant through living a life of love and service. Buddha came as an Avatar of Illumination through the example of his own life as Guatama, based on meditation and contemplation, bringing forth the principles of the Eight-fold path, emphasizing God as immanent as well as transcendant.

It is the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, the Lord of Love, who comes to us through his chosen vehicles, to guide and direct humanity and bring forth the needed changes in our thinking and vibration that will help, not only humanity, but the Earth itself.

It is the history of the Avatars which makes us know that the Avatars come at every great human crisis or in the awakening of humanity to a broader vision of the Heart of God. The Avatar brings forth the message that will show the new way.

Christ is now teaching humanity how to manifest the principle of Love through active service, in order to improve human welfare, achieve world peace and educate humanity that we may develop along the spiritual path in accordance with the Will and Love of Christ. The White Tara now stands as the Lady Buddha and Lady Christ, the Avatar of Light, working to awaken humanity to the energies of Love and Compassion needed to help the Earth and humanity in this a time of world crisis. The feminine aspect of God is needed to do away with wars and destruction in the world. The Goddess is here. Recognised, brought out and made manifest. We are coming to know God the Holy Spirit and God the Mother as Realities of our daily life. Our entire world is by this transformed. Through the right recognition of the role of the Mother sex and sexuality can be transformed and bring the true polarity needed to help us walk into the future in Love. Compassion, Love, Sensitivity, Intuition and Tenderness become more prominent as the Mother takes her rightful place in union with the Father.

If we wish to open to the teachings of the current time we can start by doing all we can to expand our consciousness. The expansion of consciousness requires working to enlighten our minds and awaken our hearts, creating a balance that dispels any glamours and illusions we may hold and restores our sense of true values, which radiate qualities such as goodwill, harmlessness, Justice of the highest degree, truth and love, irrespective of nationality, sex or religion. We could learn more about group spirit and group consciousness through the recognition of goodwill in all. To enable this unfolding to take place we can always rely on the ancient wisdom, “Not my will but Thy will be done.” And we need to do this constantly. To become aware of the choices we make in our thoughts, our feelings and our actions Christ can work through us when we come together in his name. The use of prayer and invocation can help. We can attend conferences and educate ourselves to turn our knowledge into wisdom. Synthesis is needed. Shamballa, the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity are all working towards the intensification of Light on the planet. Humanity is being reconstructed. It is important that we unite together at this time from all our varying groups and beliefs and come together united, aware of our humanness, prepared to open our hearts and minds to the Light and Love of the Christ, to open to the Plan of our Father-Mother God..

“Lead us from the unreal to the real” is the call we make. Are we ready?

Tarajyoti Govinda,  4 February 1995

(c) G Govindamurti 1999