Intelligent Life Forces

Tarajyoti with Angels book

Tarajyoti with Angels book

There is an Intelligent Life Force descending on the planet Earth from other planets sent to help us at this time because they are worried how the present turmoil on Earth will effect the Earth and the universe. It is important that we connect with this Life Force and act upon what comes to us from this new intelligence. It is a reality not just a fantasy and to act is very necessary.

It is important to write. To put down in detailed form that which is expressed in spirit and to be aware that many will be used in this process because there is so much information and so little time. It is the Intelligent Life Forces Plan of action as a way to get that knowledge to Earth.

There is little time for humanity now as we have made certain decisions that have affected our destiny in a not so positive way. In order to minimise the effects of this choice, all those with the consciousness of Christ are being asked to awaken to the Light so that those who can be reached and saved, as it were, can be. There have been for many centuries theories that one day beings will arrive from other planets and take those that are ready to another plane. These theories have been looked at in dismay by some and disdain by others, with the thought that it is somehow escaping from the realities of the world. Indeed now it is the opposite. It is facing the very reality of Earth’s evolution. The scales of Cosmic Justice have descended and they are tipped in favour of this solution. Many are being prepared. This process in itself will take time, even lifetimes.

In order that people may be prepared they must first be healed, cleansed and purified of the dross they have gathered to them while on the Earth. They must be transformed through educating them in a new way of life, a new philosophy that has them living in alignment with the Divine Laws. The transfiguration will occur when they have manifested that life on Earth, for then they will be given another choice which many on some levels have already made.

Planetary beings are descending in large numbers assisting those in positions of power, politics and government, both within the community and religious groups. They are giving inspiration and ideas to these people in the hope that they will act upon them and lead the world on its proper course.

The measures taken towards community living, self-sufficiency, selfless service and strength in unity are a direct representation of the way in which the Intelligent Life Forces require mankind to move.

I return to an earlier point I made – Write. Let the knowledge manifest. Even if the knowledge is not released at this time, it will, like in the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essene period, be discovered when the Earth is ready and will be read by those who have eyes to see and hearts to hear.

Many of you will write on different levels to others, reaching people at different levels of consciousness, some aimed at children, others adults of various types and at various stages of their evolutionary consciousness. Value your writing. Keep it together in a journal. Type it out so that it is readily accessible if it is needed quickly. Trust that you will be guided to your appropriate level, be it esoteric or otherwise. It will have within it the ingredients necessary to spark humanity into a new consciousness. It is not the Dharma for all of you. It is for many and some of you will be scribes for others, transcribing necessary information into a form that can be readily accessed if and when appropriate. If the latter is your task, know that your part is as important.

Through meditation we can connect with the Intelligent Life Force that is being sent to Earth at this time and we can send that Life Force into humanity. Through writing we can bring this spirit into matter and bring the needed knowledge to Earth. Begin now.

Tarajyoti Govinda, March 1991

(c) G Govindamurti 1999