The Crisis on Earth

Tarajyoti Govinda, Gulfs, Iceland

Tarajyoti Govinda, Gulfoss, Iceland

The Crisis on Earth
and what we can do 

The Earth, made up of all its nations, and people thereon, is in a state of crisis. Humanity has made a devastating impact upon the Earth through ignorance, thoughtlessness, and negative intent. We have polluted the rivers, the oceans and the seas, demolished the trees, and through materialism and greed have used up many of Earth’s resources, without consideration for the future generations or the future life of the planet and its destiny.

The Earth’s destiny is to become a Star of Light. For that to occur humanity needs to change its ways and bring back the needed respect for the Earth and all life on it. Humanity needs to lift in consciousness with the help of the angels, and come once again to know God’s Love and Light, thus bringing Spirit into matter in all areas of our lives.

As the Age of Aquarius approaches, which is also known as the Age of Maitreya, we must turn our attention to group work and group endeavour. Humanity as a whole is being asked to cooperate with the angelic forces and our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters to help lift the Earth and all life on it into the Light, so that it may shine as a Star and become the sacred planet it can be.

The Lord Maitreya is our Teacher at this time, teaching the angels, humanity and even our extraterrestrial friends what is required of us in order that we may create the needed effects upon the Earth. In His Age the Seventh Ray and its impulse of transformation, freedom, and law and order, reminds us that, if we wish to find freedom and liberation of soul, we must live by the spiritual Law. This means embracing a life of love and goodness, living in truth, harmlessness, peace and goodwill. It means becoming responsible for our actions as we walk upon the planet.

If humanity chooses not to cooperate, cataclysms are in store. Fire, flood, earthquake and drought, are nature’s way of warning us what may lay ahead. If humanity does cooperate some of this may be avoided. Some, not all can be avoided, as some catastrophes are needed to release old structures and forms which will not live on in the coming Age. Humanity has also already created a certain amount of karma from its wrong actions. Mother Earth is shaking her ruffled feathers, awakening us to Her disgruntlement at our abominable behaviour, which lacks the needed caring, compassion, sharing, selflessness, cooperation and love.

At this time, as the world crisis reaches a critical point, with all the war, conflict and destruction between nations upon the Earth, and a third world war pending, the Maitreya Ananda impulse comes forth to stimulate all that is good. The Masters, Archangels, angels and other Cosmic Beings are all working to help the Earth lift into the heart of the Lord of Love. Old forms must go so that the new order can breathe forth Light into the world.

Many are working for the forces of good and are aligning to the Light to create a new universal brother-sisterhood. Simultaneously battles are being fought against the forces of darkness who are trying to bring the Earth and all life on it under their negative grip. These forces work to stimulate the negative qualities within us – rivalry, jealousy, negative ambition, pride, greed, materialism, fear, anger, resentment, dishonesty and hatred. The choice is ours. We can choose darkness or Light. Which is it to be?

Let us awaken our consciousness and decide to live in love. To choose the Light is not always easy, as we have then to acknowledge the darkness within us. As the Christ Light shines upon us we often become aware of our negativity. We can work on ourselves within and without, daring to acknowledge and work with our shadows, endeavouring to bring all parts of ourselves into the Light. This is not an easy task but it is one towards which we can orient ourselves.

Humanity must go through suffering and death and prepare the way for new life. By working on ourselves psychologically so that new and positive qualities can be reborn, our selfishness, greed, ambition, pride and jealousy can be transformed to selflessness, generosity, true purpose and love for other human beings. Dishonesty can be transformed to help us find truth. In finding love we can dispel hatred. We can learn to control and transmute our negative and harmful thoughts so that we may embody harmlessness and create a loving world. Our material attachment can be transformed so that we may find peace and non-attachment.

By responding to the Christ’s Call, a Call made by the Lord of Love, and by opening our hearts to love and realigning our way of thinking, feeling and acting to the ways of the heart, we can do much to avert the imminent dangers of the current world crisis. One way is to find a way that we can give service. True service is action performed out of love.

Through service we redeem karma. There are many ways in which we can give service to God and the Lord Maitreya, who is the Christ, the Bodhisattva and the World Teacher for all philosophies, cultures and religions. By choosing to align with the wishes of our soul and live life according to our dharma (our soul’s purpose), we give service to the Christ, as we help the Lord Maitreya’s Plan to unfold.

The Lord Maitreya’s Plan is the Plan of the Universe according to the Will of God. For a person to develop on the Path, service must be given freely from a loving heart. We can strive to radiate love as we give service. The level of development of a person’s soul, the particular life lessons and the karmic condition of a person determines the service, and the quality of service required of him or her. If we work at purifying and de-programming ourselves, the service we give can come from the right motive, that is, from the purity of our hearts.

In service we give of our skills, time, joy and resources to help further the Plan of Maitreya, thus allowing the Universe to unfold as it should. Not enough people understand that without service we cannot develop spiritually, either individually or as a group. In the New Age, which we are now entering, our consciousness must change, moving away from attachment to materialism and greed to a community awareness based on the higher principles of truth, justice, harmlessness, goodwill and love. In this All angels service open yourself to be of service, and contemplate how you can continue to be of service in your daily life.

Tarajyoti Govinda, (12 Sept 1998)

(c) G Govindamurti 1999