The Lady Masters

White Tara, Lady Yasodhara and Lady Mary. The Mothers, the female Masters have played and are playing important roles in the preparation for the coming of the Lord Maitreya and the unfoldment of God’s Plan. Together and with the male Masters they work ceaselessly, bringing forth Love and Light to a thirsting humanity.

Mother Mary is a great Archangelic being whose keyword is faith. She bestows faith and hope on the dove hearted. She is loved and respected amongst the Great Ones. With enormous will, determination and one pointedness, she never wavers in her devotion, faith and love. She gives freedom of heart. When the heart is free to love, a being can be guided by the Will of God and can accept the will of God which is necessary to develop, to serve and ultimately to come to know God. 

Mary brings peace to those who suffer those who need and stands steadfast aligned with the Divine Will. She comes on the fifth ray, working closely with Archangel Raphael. She has a strong first ray aspect, necessary now with the Avatar of Will. She works together with Jesus, will come when we call Him and brings forth the Mother Light. She is not the pious image the Piscean Age has claimed her to be. She is not a statue but is living and free flowing, the queen of heaven, the queen of peace. Often she is seen as wearing light blue, is the image of a woman but is a Great Being that has enormous strength and steadfastness, always remaining at her post until the Will of God is made manifest. Her task is to restore faith in a wavering humanity, working with the Avatar of Will, helping to resurrect humanity through faith, love and freedom of heart. Through her we come to know the Son and the Father, breathe the Holy Spirit and breathe the Living Word.

Through Her we may come to know the Mahachohan, the Lord Maitreya and the Lord Jesus. She is the saviouress, the redeemeress.

Lady Mary had to hold the immaculate concept of Jesus, for his conception, gestation, birth, childhood and ministry. An Archangel of developed concentration, Mary trained with Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and others. She still works with them as we pave the way for the coming of the Lord Maitreya. She helps humanity maintain faith and hope of a future of Love and Light, and helps us now to keep the vision of Maitreya’s coming, just as she did 2,000 years ago, keeping alive the vision of Lord Jesus that he could manifest and fulfil the Father’s Plan.

The White Tara is an enormous Archangelic Diamond Angel. She is the Mother of Light. The Mother of Time. She brings love, good health and longevity, the Mother, the Christed One. She helps us to transmute our shadow selves and teaches us tolerance, acceptance and Love. When we work with her, we can become purified and begin to take responsibility for our spiritual development. We can move away from negative energies of greed, jealousy, competitiveness, anger, fear, guilt and resentment and embody instead, Love, Light, understanding and Hope.

Lady Yasodhara is the Lady of Compassion. She is the twin Ray of the Lord Guatama and in her embodiment with Him, when He walked the earth as the Buddha, had to suffer the grief and loss of her beloved. This developed her heart and non-attachment. Amongst other tests and trials in her development, her yearning and her love have helped her develop to the point of becoming the Lady Buddha. Merging with the White Tara as the lady Buddha Christ, she brings joy and acceptance, wisdom and love.

These are some of the Mothers who work together to spread Light, Love, Compassion and Grace, awakening hope and Divinity in the pure of heart, working together to bring Peace and prepare the Earth and heal humanity for the coming of the Lord Maitreya. They stand as a doorway to the Kingdom of God, that we may come to know the Son, and the father, that we may sit at the father’s Table and come to know Him, that we may come to Shamballa.

The Lady Yasodhara stands with the Lord Maitreya bringing forth the Compassion of the Buddha. She walks the Earth in the hope we will hear Her and accept Her Love, Her Compassion, and Her Grace. Let us open our hearts to Her that the prophecy may be fulfilled and the Lord Maitreya walk the Earth.

 Tarajyoti Govinda, 19 April 1995