Tarajyoti Govinda, Sedona USA

Tarajyoti Govinda, Sedona USA

I could see the task up ahead. –  Lifetimes, two or three –
that behold a love and purpose of heart,
that speak of eternity.

The past, the present, the future merged,
the omnipresent now when all are being prepared
for what is to come.

The beginnings and the endings,
the changes, through and between
give insight and clarity to the perennial theme –
it waits for us to open to its sound,
to let our hearts ignite its fire – newly found.

The Son He merges with the Earth
and takes us to the sky
where we can feel the power of our wings
as we soar through the sky.

Tarajyoti Govinda (3 Feb 1993)

(c) G Govindamurti 1999