Stepping Stones (Early Writings)

New book including Tarajyoti’s early writings. 263 pages, Published November 2023

Stepping Stones

Early Writings of Tarajyoti Govinda

Stepping Stones includes previously unpublished writings including Articles, Service Speeches, Teaching Stories and Song Lyrics. 

Themes include : The Ancient Mysteries, Intelligent Life Forces, Moving Beyond Illusion, Opening our Hearts with Love and Forgiveness, Life, Death, Resurrection, Hope, Releasing Energies that block the Heart, Trusting the Heart, When in Doubt, Life Purpose and Dharma, The Role of Spiritual Midwifery,  Opening to Transformation and Healing, Pentecost, The Universal Family, Trusting the River to Run, The Secret Valley, Standing Tall, In Honour of the Avatars, In Honour of the Mother God, Lady Yasodhara, Maitreya Theosophy, and The Crisis on Earth and What We Can Do.

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