Hierarchy, Healing & the 7 Rays

‘Hierarchy, Healing and the 7 Rays’ is a unique collection of esoteric writings by Tarajyoti Govinda, previously only available to dedicated students of the Theosophical School of Healing. Now, for the first time these teachings are offered to all serious students of Spiritual and Esoteric Healing. 

A diverse range of topics are covered, including foundational texts such as:- Christ’s Work in Healing; an Introduction to The Seven Rays; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Inner Government of Earth, The Masters and the Forces of Enlightenment.

Tarajyoti is one of the first 20th century psychologists to pave the way with insightful, practical teachings on Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Healing including:- The Rays of Aspect and Attribute, The Seven Human Temperaments, Personality, Soul and Spirit, Winged Healers, Angels and Spirit of Resurrection. 

Other texts, inform and support those people who wish to actively, consciously collaborate with Spirit, to increase the Light on Earth: – the New Group of World Servers, Earth Healing Services, Right Human Relations and the Children of the Heart

The role of Spirit, in guiding and supporting humanity through the myriad arising global conflicts of the early 21st Century, is addressed through revelatory writings such as:- The Doctrine of Avatars, Spirit of Peace, Divine Impulses, Forces of Restoration, Forces of Reconstruction and Forces of Resurrection.

For those who are new to the Path of Healing, Tarajyoti has covered many topics of a more introductory level, in her book ‘Healing Hands of Love : a guide to spiritual healing’.

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